Lawn Care Pricing Guide

We’ve done the research so you know you’re paying the right price for your lawn service.

Lawn Care Pricing

Choosing a lawn care provider can be a daunting task. A provider comes to your home, offers you an estimate, and then does the work. But are you confident that you're paying a fair price? And if something goes wrong, you may be left wondering if you should have just serviced the property yourself.

If you have a large property it can take hours each week just to cut your grass, while for smaller yards the upfront cost of purchasing the most basic equipment can be too much to justify. This is where Grant's Lawn Care can help. We help you find an amazing lawn care service at an affordable price. And we are transparent with our pricing, so you can feel confident you're getting a fair deal.

We are taking a
high-tech approach
to a traditionally low tech sector, and are revolutionizing the lawn care industry.

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Is Paying for Lawn Mowing Services Worth It?

Here are some things you should consider before deciding whether or not to pay for lawn care services:

  • Would you rather not spend hours each week mowing your lawn?
  • Is your property too large to handle with consumer-grade lawn care equipment?
  • Do you not have all the tools you need, like a mower, edger, or leaf blower?
  • Could you use some help from a professional with years of domain expertise in lawn care?

If you answered yes to any of these then Grant's Lawn Care is a great option for you!

How much do lawn services cost? Lawn care pricing typically ranges from:

  • $30 - $50 for a bi-weekly Mowing and Trimming service.
  • $35 - $50 for a bi-weekly Mowing and Fertilization service.
  • $80 - $120 for an Aeration service.
  • $60 - $85 for a Leaf Clean Up service.
  • $75 - $150 for a Gutter Cleaning service*.

All estimated prices are for a well maintained 1,000 square foot property.
* Estimated price for a 60-70 square foot roof.


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